Inspirational Quotes

Trust and have faith

Just because you don’t see a way does not mean
that God doesn’t have a way.
Trust! Believe! Hope! Love God above all things!
God is and will always makes ways for you
because he put you in this world.
God is not done with you yet!
Have Faith!
Things will be better soonest and in God’s perfect timing!

7 Rings of Marriage

Engagement ring
Wedding ring
Discover ring
Suffer ring (don’t stop here)
Prosper ring
Offer ring (gift to God, gift to your children, gift to the next generation)

Faith is taking d 1st step

Faith is taking the first step
even when you don’t see the
whole staircase.
– Martin Luther King Jr.

Gratitude Magnets Miracles in life

Why is it that complaining is easy compared to being grateful? Why thinking negative is so easy compared to thinking positive? Do you know that Gratitude Magnets Miracles in life? So, instead of complaining, it’s good that you will be thankful for everything that you have. The reason you have the things that you have presently, is because you thought about it most of the time and that’s why it manifested in your life. If you want different things in your life, think only the positive things.

Take it as a compliment

Have you tried this thing? I know you’ve tried this once or many times in your life.

If you hear somebody is talking about you, pay no attention. Give it no energy. It’s a distraction. Instead of getting upset, remember, they don’t talk about ordinary people; they talk about exceptional people. Take it as a compliment. –Joel Osteen Ministries-


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