Fixed my problem about “Welcome to Verizon Wireless, there was an error in processing” your call

Okay! I have a new phone, alright as per my last post as it’s a recent gift from my husband! But I am having a hard time connecting to the network. It says that error in processing calls and it will connect to Verizon when my new line is not Verizon anymore. I tried everything already, to the point of draining the battery of my phone (resetting to factory default many times). I tried calling my new network over and over again but then they’ll just keep on test calling my phone with their 800 number and asking me to switch on and off. The last time I talked to the CS, the guy said that I need to call Verizon and ask them to help me fix my phone. You know I have lots of things in mind (maybe my phone is being locked or something). I tried calling Verizon but then the CS guy who answered me transferred my call back to my new network. So, I just put down the phone coz I know it won’t help. Then, I kept on searching online on what to do. I tried everything already from dialing different numbers with asterisk and pound signs but it won’t work. So, I thought of calling #8899 again and the CS woman who answered me told me to call my new network and ask them to do a new reactivation coz when the phone is unlocked it won’t be under Verizon’s system. I thought of calling them again but I know they cannot fix it. Then, I remembered that with this 2nd phone number that I have had since last year if I remembered it right, Verizon kept on calling me about billing issues. I thought, maybe it’s time for me to change my phone number and I’ll see if this new phone number with my new phone will work properly. I dialed the toll free number of my new phone company and followed the instruction and then waited for more than five minutes to make sure that I will have a new phone number reflected in my gadget. When I’ve seen a new number, I tried dialing it and the call get through my phone. I also tried calling the phone of my husband and it work well. And now everything is a-okay. I hope this new number and new phone will work great together coz I love the phone especially that it’s 64GB (how I wish it’s 128GB haha). Oh well, this is a gift heartily given to me and so I am happy for this (to think that 64GB is big already). Now I’ve got to text and inform my friends of this new number that I have so that they can text or call me whenever they need/want.

Anyway, if all else fail with your iPhone, like you cannot make calls and you cannot receive calls, maybe there’s something wrong with the present number that you have. Might as well change it or ask your present cellular phone carrier to reactivate your phone. Who know this will work coz mine is working right now. I hope your phone is working at your end as well!


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