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Returning another mattress in a box and a pink day bed

Yesterday I returned one day bed through FedEx and today I will return this mattress in a box again. Online shopping is convenient, but then I cannot feel the texture and see the original product. Since the return is free, I’ll just send this today. With the pink day bed, I love that one except that it won’t fit under the loft bed. How I wish the house is bigger so that my kids can have a bigger room for each of them. On the other hand, I am thankful that there is a house for my family to live with the hope that someday somehow we can have a better place to stay.

#Lightdow LD4000 1080P #HD #SportsActionCamera Bundle

I bought this #Lightdow LD4000 1080P #HD #SportsActionCamera Bundle with DSP:NT96650 Chip, 1.5-Inch LPS-TFT LCD, 170° Wide Angle Lens and Bonus Battery as a gift for my daughter. I also bought a blue one for my son. They love to take videos and with this, they can do it anytime they want. With these #sportsactioncamera, they will not be begging to borrow some cellphone for the videos that they are going to make.

I love these #actioncamera coz it’s small and it will just fit in the palm. It will take good movies and good photos but it will depend on the person that’s using it. With this video, it’s my daughter and my son who’s testing it when they visited the park yesterday. And they’re having fun.

Anyway, these cameras are so affordable and within my budget. I am so glad my kids love these.

Oh dear, from May to August

This was my last post about my own expenses. OMG, from that time, I over spent and over shared. This has to stop from now on until I can recover from my finances. I just love to share a lot but with my case, I need to recover first from what I’ve been through. I am just thankful that God is sending good people who are giving me work to do. But I need to save more. Until then, I’ve got to keep things to pay off everything! Oh dear God, please be with me always!
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Balikbayan box is on the way

After living abroad for more than 10 years, I was able to send my 2nd balikbayan box. And I am thankful that I am able to send it despite of my freelance income. I do believe that the more I’ll share the more things that will come to my own family here. I hope my family back home will be happy to receive those things in the box. It may not be all new and expensive but I work hard for those things to be able to share it with them. And I gave it heartily.

To those who are sending boxes to their families back home with the help of their entire family on their present place, you are blessed that you are not alone and that is a cool thing to have. It feels good that you have somebody to share in life in whatever things that you want to do. It feels good to always give. Right?!? Right! Life is still good and life is always great! All is well!

Fixed my problem about “Welcome to Verizon Wireless, there was an error in processing” your call

Okay! I have a new phone, alright as per my last post as it’s a recent gift from my husband! But I am having a hard time connecting to the network. It says that error in processing calls and it will connect to Verizon when my new line is not Verizon anymore. I tried everything already, to the point of draining the battery of my phone (resetting to factory default many times). I tried calling my new network over and over again but then they’ll just keep on test calling my phone with their 800 number and asking me to switch on and off. The last time I talked to the CS, the guy said that I need to call Verizon and ask them to help me fix my phone. You know I have lots of things in mind (maybe my phone is being locked or something). I tried calling Verizon but then the CS guy who answered me transferred my call back to my new network. So, I just put down the phone coz I know it won’t help. Then, I kept on searching online on what to do. I tried everything already from dialing different numbers with asterisk and pound signs but it won’t work. So, I thought of calling #8899 again and the CS woman who answered me told me to call my new network and ask them to do a new reactivation coz when the phone is unlocked it won’t be under Verizon’s system. I thought of calling them again but I know they cannot fix it. Then, I remembered that with this 2nd phone number that I have had since last year if I remembered it right, Verizon kept on calling me about billing issues. I thought, maybe it’s time for me to change my phone number and I’ll see if this new phone number with my new phone will work properly. I dialed the toll free number of my new phone company and followed the instruction and then waited for more than five minutes to make sure that I will have a new phone number reflected in my gadget. When I’ve seen a new number, I tried dialing it and the call get through my phone. I also tried calling the phone of my husband and it work well. And now everything is a-okay. I hope this new number and new phone will work great together coz I love the phone especially that it’s 64GB (how I wish it’s 128GB haha). Oh well, this is a gift heartily given to me and so I am happy for this (to think that 64GB is big already). Now I’ve got to text and inform my friends of this new number that I have so that they can text or call me whenever they need/want.

Anyway, if all else fail with your iPhone, like you cannot make calls and you cannot receive calls, maybe there’s something wrong with the present number that you have. Might as well change it or ask your present cellular phone carrier to reactivate your phone. Who know this will work coz mine is working right now. I hope your phone is working at your end as well!

A mother’s day gift

I said to myself that I am not high tech person anymore. I can go with just simple phones and I can even go out without having a phone. But then my husband gave me this iPhone 6 as a mother’s day gift this year. I am grateful to have this as I can do lots of things with my new phone. Even if this is a prepaid but then it is still functioning like it’s postpaid with less money if I am using this in minimal ways. To my husband, thank you for giving me this phone. Love you!

In fulfilling the dream of having long curly lashes and shaped eyebrows

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% mine.

They said that the things that you longed for are already there ready for you. It will come at the right time when you are open to it.

When I was a kid, one of my dreams is to have long and curly eyelashes. I even trimmed my lashes as they said that if I did, my lashes will grow longer and curly. But it never happened and they just laughed at me. Now, that I have the capability of making my eyelashes the way I want to, all I have to do is to find a good salon which can offer me these things. The salon that I like is this Everlasting Skin Care Divine Redeemer in which they are offering $101 for one full set of eyelash extensions and one fill in which it should be with the price of $200. But I can have it less with Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons as I will enjoy at least 50% discount. This is fantastic! Wait! There is one more thing that I want to do and that is to have a nice shape of eyebrows and I want it with Stiletto Hair Salon with 49% off and that is only possible with Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons. These are the few things that I want to do for myself this year.

What are the things that you want to do for yourself? What are your favorite things to purchase with Groupon?

Happy 5th birthday to my daughter

This was the birthday celebration of my youngest – my daughter Angelica. She asked for a caked, pancit, orange chicken, and so she got it. She also asked for play dough and she got it. Simple things make her happy and that I am happy for her as well.

Before her birthday, she asked for a bike, and so she got it. She loves to be out now that it is summer. And there are two things that she loves to do – to visit a park and to visit chuck e cheeses. I hope to bring her and her brother at these places soon (while it is summer time).

To design fashionable atmospheres in any events

An event planner goes to great lengths to design fashionable atmospheres that adds ambiance to an occasion. The ability to create a space that allows people to celebrate life events is a special skill that enhances celebratory moments. The planner needs to carefully craft a unique environment that exhibit personal tastes of the clients and adds elements of class and style. The successful event coordinator needs to have knowledge on how to locate premium celebration locations to hold the event and resources for finding decor that turn the gathering into a memorable occasion. With the right touches of sleek designs and personal touches, a prosperous event planner can craft a showcase that highlights the special moment.

Obtaining a reliable source that offers a wide range of products is crucial for event planning success. Companies that offer a broad selection of materials, such as, provide planning professionals an opportunity to craft unique parties with minimal efforts. Click here to see how one company is able to provide extensive support and ideas on a company website. Successful event organizers need to have a number of these types of design inspirations at hand in order to effectively meet the needs of customers. These tools will help in the creation of a magical moment for the clientele.

An important aspect of managing an event planning company is the ability to obtain needed items at reasonable prices. Utilizing suppliers of party materials that have a variety of options to assist party creation is important for fiscal success. Distributors can work with the planner to provide bulk purchasing options, the ability to acquire needed items quickly, and customization features that allow the planner to make each event unique. A supplier that understands the needs of event planners is a wonderful resource for the challenges of maintaining the business.

Event planners are busy professionals that need to arrange multiple obligations with a minimum of time. A supply resource that allows the organizer to browse available products and schedule shipping is a must to guarantee that scheduled jobs go off without a hitch. With the main focus on the client, planners should be able to rely on the supplier without worry. Working together to achieve success benefits the distributor and the independent planning professional. With the proper support within reach, an event planner can dedicate more effort toward create a dream event that will provide lasting memories.


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