#Lightdow LD4000 1080P #HD #SportsActionCamera Bundle

I bought this #Lightdow LD4000 1080P #HD #SportsActionCamera Bundle with DSP:NT96650 Chip, 1.5-Inch LPS-TFT LCD, 170° Wide Angle Lens and Bonus Battery as a gift for my daughter. I also bought a blue one for my son. They love to take videos and with this, they can do it anytime they want. With these #sportsactioncamera, they will not be begging to borrow some cellphone for the videos that they are going to make.

I love these #actioncamera coz it’s small and it will just fit in the palm. It will take good movies and good photos but it will depend on the person that’s using it. With this video, it’s my daughter and my son who’s testing it when they visited the park yesterday. And they’re having fun.

Anyway, these cameras are so affordable and within my budget. I am so glad my kids love these.

eZip 500 Electric Scooter – super beautiful scooter

I want to sell my Ezip E500 Electric Scooter this year but I need to change the battery or the charging cable. I have this scooter since 2010 and this served me best since then. I bought this online at Walmart before. This time, it’s not available at this store. This is still available in other online retailers. I love this scooter. As much as I want to let go of this but I also want to keep it coz this is one of a kind.

Features of this eZip 500 Electric Scooter
500W power from a DC-earth motor
24V rechargeable battery pack
Max speed 15 miles per hour
8 miles maximum range
Folding handle bars
Removable seat
Power switch is on/off
The tire is tough (to reduce chances of getting punctured while using)
Front disk brake inhibit lever
Steel frame (durable as it last for 7 years now)
With auto shut off features with relay protection and battery level gauge

On the other hand, in this photo, I put a child carrier so that my kids can ride together with me. Now that they are big, they can ride their own bicycles. When I will not sell this e-scooter, maybe they can play with this when they will be a bit bigger. Well, let me see what I can do with this electric scooter.

Shopping for Parts without Going Over Budget

Taking care of your golf cart does not have to be a financial burden. If you know how to make the repairs yourself, you may find just what you need when you shop online. Shopping online can be a great way to save money and find deals on items like golf cart shocks, filters, batteries, and a number of other components that you need to keep your cart up and running. You can find sale items ready for purchase anytime of the day or night by shopping on the Internet.

Matching the Parts to Your Cart Brand

When you want to save the most money possible, you may find it best to shop for universal parts. Universal parts are just that, universally designed to fit in all types of mainstream golf carts. They are not brand-specific, nor are they so expensive that you cannot afford to buy them.

The website sells a number of universal parts that are priced to sell and available for delivery right to your front door. You can shop for items like bearing retainers, filter boxes, key plates, pistons, clutches, and dozens of other smaller items on the website. They are all capable of being used in common cart models and warranted against manufacturer defects.

If you are a brand fan and insist on buying parts made just for your particular manufacturer, you can also find popular golf cart brand parts for sale on the website. Popular makers like Yamaha have parts available for purchase online. You can find gear made by the top companies in the industry without spending a lot of money. The brand-specific parts are also protected with warranties and can be shipped to your home.

Self-Service Options

Many people like the anonymity and peace of mind that comes with shopping online. You are not pressured by sales people to buy things and you also do not have to deal with buying add-ons if you do not want them.

You can keep things simple by setting up a user account on the website. The account may be a great idea if you plan on shopping there often or you want to keep track of your order history. The account only takes a few minutes to establish.

Golf cart parts are easy to find online. You can save money and also find brand-specific parts when you shop online.

Bowl For Success—Scholarship Opportunities in College Bowling

Are you a strong high school bowler who wants eventually to go to college? If you are, you may want to consider an option many don’t even realize exists: bowling scholarships. Although we tend to think of basketballs, baseballs, and footballs in terms of college scholarships, a bowlingball can pay for your education just as well if you know how go about it. Here are a few tips on college bowling scholarships that could pay off –literally—as you or your kid prepares to apply for college.

Get Into League Play

Many experts agree the best place to start looking for college money in bowling is in your local league play. Many of these organizations at the local and state levels have money set aside for scholarships and you (or your kid if a parent is reading this) need to be involved to be considered. Keep in mind, these scholarship committees will usually be looking at academic performance, community service, and other factors in addition to bowling prowess, so applicants need to be well-rounded candidates for serious consideration.

NCAA and Other Scholarships

In the NCAA, the prospects are far better for women student bowlers than men. There are currently 43 member schools in the NCAA that offer women’s bowling scholarships (in Division 1 and 2). Only two schools within the NCAA offer scholarships in bowling for men. Still, there are a lot of options for the men in other organizations. The National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) offers a host of financial assistance for bowlers, both men and women, and 24 NJCAA schools have bowling teams. The catch is that the NJCAA doesn’t offer sports scholarships, so coaches use other enticements like academic scholarships and other incentives to attract top bowling talent.

Get Educated about Scholarships, then Go Get Your Education

There is a wealth of information available today online to help sort out all the finer points of the opportunities available in bowling scholarships. A search at reveals the top four bowling schools are considered to be Wichita State University; University of Nebraska; New Jersey City University; and Vanderbilt University. Those schools will attract the very best student bowlers, but should be on anybody’s short list to consider.

There is an old joke where somebody asks “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” and they are told, “Practice!” In a similar vein, the surest way to get a bowling scholarship is through practice, practice, practice. Novice bowlers all the way through top pros will find all their bowling supplies—and more—available at

First bowling strike

This was the first strike of my five year old kid. And he said YES to it. Even if he will just roll the ball very slowly ‘coz it’s kind of big and heavy for him but he did this anyway. After that, he’s looking around ‘coz there were lots of yuppies who will smile at him in which he said “they like me mama”.


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