Hoping to save more this coming months

Early this year, I told myself that I need to save every penny that I am going to earn so that I can pay off all of my payables after I transferred everything in a credit union. The one who helped me transferred and consolidated all of my credit was a Fil-Am bank officer because she pitied my situation. I was happy that time and I told myself, “hopefully this is the thing that can help me.” She asked me if I want a debit card with my checking account and I told her that I don’t want because I want that every penny of my income while being a SAHM and online freelance writer will be put as payment for my credits. She just laughed at me.

But then, there were times that I need to spend something using my remaining CC that offers travel rewards. As I don’t want to experience interest by using that CC, I try to pay all of the amounts whenever it is being reflected in my account before the due date. And counting everything, I spent $418.52 since March until May 1 (though this is nothing compared to the one I spent for the past 10 years in my blogging life in which I wished I saved it for my kid’s future) and that is a being WOW! That should be a good payment for my debt consolidation with my new bank.

This month of May, I and the coming months, I hope to save more with the blessings that I will be receiving from my salary on my writing gigs. I want to save more and more so I can pay off my OWN credits as soon as possible.


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