Pad Thai @ Thai Mint Restaurant

This is Pad Thai, and it’s yummy. It’s a different taste from the other noodle restos. When my friend Mu said that she will treat me to a free meal, I easily said yes because it’s free and it’s a blessing. She asked me if I knew Thai Mint Restaurant (Briargate Colorado Springs) I said to her that I wasn’t familiar coz I seldom dine out in a resto. So I just met her in the church since she wanted to get a holy water. After church, I just followed her driving to that restaurant. Then we met our other friend She in there. So, She and I ordered plates of this Pad Thai while Mu ordered the green curry since it’s her fave. After that, we went home separately. I was thankful for my friend Mu for the free treat, and She for joining us. It was a happy day indeed.

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