It’s a blessing in disguise despite all the stress – So Backup ALL YOUR WEBSITE FILES – THANK YOU

Oh my, it’s been more than a week of stress with regards to my reseller hosting that’s being deleted. I am manually fixing all of the blogs under each of the accounts excluding those whom the tech fixed properly. I am happy when the account contains one blog but if there are lots of ADDON DOMAINS I am so stressed out because the addon domain feature was disabled long time ago.

So, I don’t have a choice but to find means to extract XML files one by one so I can give these things to my hosted clients. I told them that I am doing the best I can to extract XML files so that it will be easy for them to transfer to another hosting. I cannot leave them without giving all of their website files as I am taking care of them for all the years that they are with me coz I know they trusted me. 

Yes, techs are helping me upload the files back to the respected account folders (first batch of found accounts), but most of them are missing SQL files, WP files, databases, and WP folders. Well, some websites fully loaded, and I am grateful that those sites are properly configured.

At first, I was whining about the files of how to upload those because those were plenty, but then when I wait for the tech to do it for me, it will reach days or weeks before everything will be configured. So, I find means of how to do it myself and I am grateful for all the knowledge that God gives me. Maybe the good angels around me taught me how to do it as they are the ever willing workers of God.

Even with the sleepless nights and sleeping in the wee hours of almost 4am but I am thankful for all the files that the techs provided me. Just a few accounts I need and everything will be okay. I will be happy to leave my hosted clients to wherever they want to transfer.

Lessons learned many times, and this is by far the worst XP that I have in reseller web hosting. I hope this company will not do the things that they did to my reseller to a big company and they will be sued for the hassles that they’ve created. I also do not want to post the things that happened to me in BBB website because I don’t want to ruin the business of this big web hosting company. I’ll just let other people do it whenever they experience this kind of DELETIONS (without notice) that I’ve been through right now.

With what is happening to me, even if it’s a hassle, stressful, and traumatizing but I’ve learned lessons: not to rely on the backups the big company that I am subscribing with and I learned more about WP blogging scripts.

This is still a blessing in disguise, I guess!  I hope that this will be over as soon as possible so that I can sleep early and I can sleep soundly.  I know this will be okay soon. Thank you, Lord, for all the techs who helped and is still helping me.



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