Need to relax and give my concerns to HIM

I have lots of problems financially and it will show up in my daily life. I am always grouchy and all. I am also thinking of how to bring my kids out so that they can somehow mingle with other people. Though, mostly, I want to bring them at the church so that it may help them spiritually and everything as the church is one best comforting place. Anyway, they are not part of my financial problem, it is my own and so I should not be hard on them. I hope I can get out from this financial mess that I am having. ‘Someone says it is my mess and I need to solve it alone.’ I am tired of being alone with this financial mess that I have had ever since I can remember.

Anyways, God is helping me with it and he’s giving me work to do so that I can have my salary even if I am a stay at home mother/home schooler/housemaid. I hope I will not spend my hard earned money on any other things. I just can’t help it as I need to buy some gifts or gasoline or meals or anything extras on my own. Despite of that, life is still good as God is good. I just need to relax and give all my concerns/problems to God. I know and I do believe HE is WORKING for my own good and for everyone’s good!


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