Oh dear oh dear

Every time I will give gifts or share anything, I will see to it that it’s not that cheap. If it’s on sale, I want to make sure that it’s a quality item. There is nothing wrong to give free items or sale items for as long as it’s made with quality and it will be of use to other people. What is important is the love that is behind of you giving it away to your friends and relatives. Whenever I give gifts, it is always from the bottom of my heart.

Whenever I will buy something or pay something I will not say I am paying and buying this and that. I am just paying it the way I can even if I sacrifice and suffer whenever I am using my credit cards. Even if I sacrifice of me not having enough sleep for me to work and earn cents to few dollars.

Oh Lord please bless me with more so that I can give more using cash and not credit. As of now, I am doing my best to help people out, but I am sacrificing myself and using my own credit. But I am paying my credit alone, and I am relying on the blessings that you will give me every month. Oh dear God, please rescue me.


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