Room clean up – my kids are happy to use this room

This is the then and now photo of the extra room in the house. I did my best to clean it before the school year starts last Monday. I am thankful that my kids are able to use it these days. Though, they are still trying to adjust to the aura of the room but I know they are happy to use this space. They are still using their old beds. In the coming days, there will be a mini loft bed and a day bed for them. Hopefully, it will arrive soon so that I can assemble it. I hope it will fit in this area coz I cannot remove the closet on the other side. I’d love to remove the closet to give them more space but well, it’s not my house. Also, it says that if closet is removed it will lessen the value of the house. So, I’d better utilize the space that is available and I am thankful for it because this house gives us comfort to live whole year round for all these years. Thank God that I am able to clean this room after all the years of living in this place. Blessings!
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#Lightdow LD4000 1080P #HD #SportsActionCamera Bundle

I bought this #Lightdow LD4000 1080P #HD #SportsActionCamera Bundle with DSP:NT96650 Chip, 1.5-Inch LPS-TFT LCD, 170° Wide Angle Lens and Bonus Battery as a gift for my daughter. I also bought a blue one for my son. They love to take videos and with this, they can do it anytime they want. With these #sportsactioncamera, they will not be begging to borrow some cellphone for the videos that they are going to make.

I love these #actioncamera coz it’s small and it will just fit in the palm. It will take good movies and good photos but it will depend on the person that’s using it. With this video, it’s my daughter and my son who’s testing it when they visited the park yesterday. And they’re having fun.

Anyway, these cameras are so affordable and within my budget. I am so glad my kids love these.

Recycling – an environmentally friendly act

When others are posting about how they renovated their house and all of the good things, me, I am posting that I am recycling things. In fact, I posted that I bring all of the unused goodies at a junk shop and I earned $3.50. I am not shy of recycling. At least I am making an environmentally friendly act of throwing the trash at the right place. I cannot get back the original price of my treadmill because it was a rotten thing that’s been sitting outside since 2010. That treadmill cost me almost 600 bucks, and I hadn’t use it because the day that plugged it, it was not functioning. And that time, I did not know how to return things because I still didn’t know how to drive. My exercise bike cost me almost a 100 bucks, but it was okay. Lots of stuff I brought to junk shop today, and I think that will be it for the year. I could throw it at the dumpster, but I was curious of the fee that the junk shop will give to me because those were heavy metals. Even if it didn’t pay for my gasoline, but I was happy with my experience. At least, I am wiser on my next purchases.

$3.50 from recycling some unwanted things – Thank you Lord God for the blessings

Need to relax and give my concerns to HIM

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Oh dear, from May to August

This was my last post about my own expenses. OMG, from that time, I over spent and over shared. This has to stop from now on until I can recover from my finances. I just love to share a lot but with my case, I need to recover first from what I’ve been through. I am just thankful that God is sending good people who are giving me work to do. But I need to save more. Until then, I’ve got to keep things to pay off everything! Oh dear God, please be with me always!
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My ‘yes to you reward points’ was being used by another person from Kohls Baybrooks

Today, I went to Kohls to redeem my birthday GC and my $5 yes to you rewards. When I handed my print out coupons, the cashier said that another person used it already and that person was from Baybrook. I asked her where that Kohls Baybrook is, and she said that she didn’t know. Instead, she gave me a toll-free number and asked me to call it so that I’ll know the details on who was using my ‘yes to you reward points.’ Tsk, oh dear what’s with people these days. Good thing it’s just $5. I’ll just give it as a gift to whoever that person is.

3 Tips for Ensuring the Success of Your Small Business

Anyone who claims small business ownership is easy has clearly never started their own business. Regardless of where you enterprise is based or which industry it serves, you’re guaranteed to face a plethora of trials and tribulations along the path to success. In light of all the difficulties first-time proprietors face, it’s no wonder most small businesses close within their first year. Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to prevent your business from becoming another statistic. In the quest for small business success, the following pointers are sure to come in handy.

1. Get Educated

If this is your first foray into small business ownership, it’s absolutely imperative that you get educated. Even if you already have a bachelor’s degree under your belt, going back to school for an MBA can prove tremendously beneficial to your business’s long-term prospects. In addition to giving you credibility, a good MBA program can provide you with a bevy of invaluable knowledge and a practical set of skills. Anyone eager to learn more about how an MBA can benefit small business owners can find more information here.

2. Avoid Nepotism

Many first-time entrepreneurs make the mistake of staffing their businesses with close friends and family members. While the desire to surround oneself with loved ones is perfectly understandable, nepotism can often prove detrimental to a business’s bottom line. If someone in your inner circle is uniquely qualified for a position, you should certainly consider giving them a shot, but a qualified candidate should never be passed up in favor of someone with whom you have a preexisting relationship.

3. Don’t Overstretch Yourself

When entrepreneurs are eager to establish their businesses, they often make the mistake of overexerting themselves and their staffs. This is generally the result of taking on more clients and heavier workloads than they can reasonably handle. Unfortunately, this often results in an exhausted staff and subpar work that no one is happy with. Wanting to carve out a name for your business is understandable, but overexertion can ultimately do harm than good.

The life of an entrepreneur is fraught with stress and unpredictability. However, those who are able to consistently and go the extra mile often find themselves rewarded with stability and long-term success. If you’re determined to help your small business succeed, remember to get educated, avoid nepotism in your recruitment practices and take measures against overexertion.


Even if it is a late Salary, I can wait and I am grateful

The payout of this company is every 10th of the month. But then, it has a habit of not sending it to the PayPal (of their workers). It will just put ZERO balance on the payout for a month and if the online writer is not into checking their PayPal, s/he will not know that the money is not being sent. This has been going on for several years, yet, I am still working with them. Sometimes, it will send a salary after more than 15 tickets and there are times even more and more. For this month, I have sent my 7th ticket but no reply yet. Despite of that, I am still confident that they will send my July 10th salary “VERY SOON(EST)”. Hopefully, this company will have lots of advertisers every month so that they will still give me (and all of their bloggers) some link to post for my blogs just like the years 2007-2009-2010. This company is still a GOOD COMPANY despite of the delayed in salary as they will still send me my share after sending many tickets to their payout support. I can wait for my share and while waiting, I will be sending 1 ticket per day until I can receive my money. Despite of it all, I am still GRATEFUL!

Yes you are capable because God made you great

“You are capable of great things.”

Yes you are capable of great things. Always remember that. Believe in yourself because God believes in you and that’s why you are here on earth to fulfill what God wants you to do. Do be afraid to try new things for as long as it is good. Try and try until you can find the things that fit your capabilities. Work smart and do it for God. Whatever it is that you need to do, offer it to God. You are capable of doing great things because God made you great from the start.

It’s not how big is your income from your work but it is how much you save

I’ve known people with ordinary jobs but have lots of savings and they also have investments. But I know more of people who earn big but they are broke and don’t have any investments at all.

In life, it is not how much you earn but it is how much you save and you keep. But that is not enough. Savings and investments need to be together – always.

So, what are your investments and who taught you about it? And who are the people whom you shared it with so that they too can have a good life?


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