The importance of having backup cameras for trucks

Backup cameras are something that many car owners are talking about these days because people want to know if they are actually useful when it comes to backing up a car or truck. has backup cameras for trucks, and most of the people who have used these kinds of cameras in the past have seen nothing but positive results. It is much easier to backup any kind of car or truck when you are using a camera like this because it gives you a sneak peak into what is actually going on behind you. The best part is that you do not even need to turn your head when you want to see if anyone is behind you. You can simply look at your regular navigation screen when you want to see what is behind you, and you will be given a crystal clear image of any danger that is around. This kind of technology can actually save lives when you think about it because everyone knows that little kids are hard to see when you are backing up your car or truck. This is especially true when it comes to trucks because they tend to be lifted so far off the ground. If there is only one reason to get this kind of camera installed in your truck, it would be that it allows you to see if there are any people behind you that you are about to run over.

Be grateful and give thanks to God

I have been so negative for all of my life. Now, is the right time to be positive and to be thankful for all the graces! Moreover, I want to say Praise the Lord Halleluiah for all the blessings in life! They say when a person is grateful, she/he will receive more, with this, I need to be grateful so that I will receive more blessings, which is more than what I am expecting. Praise to you Lord, God!

A GMC Dealer Always Has Vehicles to Fit Your Lifestyle

A Kansas City GMC dealer can help you find heavy-duty vehicles. Professionals such as construction workers, plumbers, and mechanics need heavy-duty vehicles to haul work-related materials. These professionals are required to be physically fit and have excellent motor skills. They also need vehicles that meet similar requirements. Since many manual laborers use personal vehicles for work related tasks, the vehicles need to withstand a lot of weight and movement. It is also important for the vehicles to have a pleasant appearance.

The GMC Canyon

The GMC Canyon is an American compact pickup truck. The vehicle’s counterpart is the Chevrolet Colorado. Both of these vehicles replaced the GMC Sonoma and Chevrolet S 10 in 2004. The GMC Canyon was designed in North America, but it was manufactured in America and Brazil. Since motorists have personal preferences, GM offered a four-wheel-drive or rear wheel drive Canyon pickup. The first generation of Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon vehicles were produced from 2004 to 2012. The GMC Canyon came with the standard crew cab, while the Chevrolet Colorado came within an extended cab. The updated versions of both vehicles included changes in the engines, wheelbase, and seating area. These vehicles were commonly used by police in different states.

Safety and Comfort

In regards to safety, GMC is one of the top ranking automobile manufacturers in the United States of America. This company usually wins awards from JD power and Associates for safety and innovation. Most GMC vehicles are family friendly as well. The company understands that different people have different needs. All GMC cars are made to fit at least five people comfortably. Larger vehicles such as the Canyon can comfortably seat five adult males, which is a difficult task to complete.

A Trusted Domestic Automobile Manufacturer

If you are looking for Kansas City GMC dealer, ask a friend or relative for a reference. No one wants to lease or purchase a vehicle from an untrustworthy dealership. If you do not trust independent dealerships, located GMC dealership in your area to find the car, SUV, or truck you want. GMC dealership employees will supply the information you need to make a logical decision. You can trust a company that has manufactured cars nonstop since 1912.

My own review for Louise L. Hay’s 101 Power Thoughts for Life

“101 Power Thoughts for Life – The thoughts we think and the words we speak are constantly shaping our world and our experiences. Many of us are in an old habits of negative thinking and do not realize the damage we have inflected upon ourselves. However, we are never stock because we can always change our thinking. As we learn to consistently choose positive thoughts, the old negatives ones dissolve away.” by Louise L. Hay

(Time spent on this is worth and life changing. Beautiful collection! Doing a positive affirmation, thinking positive power thoughts can help a person get closer to his or her so-called God whatever religion he/she has! She/he can learn to love her/his own self and from that, he will be more loving to those people around him/her. If one will try listening to this, she/he can say that she/he does not want to go back to her/his old negative self ever again.)

Sample Thoughts on this CD:

MY HEALING IS ALREADY IN PROCESS. Your body knows how to heal itself. Get the negative garbage out of the way. Then Love your body….Pamper it. Respect it. Create an atmosphere of wellness. Allow yourself to heal.

MY WILLINGNESS TO FORGIVE BEGINS MY HEALING PROCESS. I allow the Love from my own heart to wash through me, cleansing and healing every part of my body. I know I am worth healing.

I CAN RELEASE THE PAST AND FORGIVE EVERYONE. I free myself and everyone in my life from old, past hurts. They are free and I am free to move into new glorious experiences.

THE POINT OF POWER IS ALWAYS IN THE PRESENT MOMENT. No matter how long you’ve had a problem, you can begin to change in this moment, for as you change your thinking your life also change. THE PAST IS OVER AND DONE and has no power over you. I can begin to be free in this moment. Today’s thoughts create my future.
I am in charge. I now take my own power back. I am safe and I am free.

(Repeat these thoughts and all of the power thoughts many times in a day and it will do miracle in one’s life. Reject those negative thoughts because the one that is hurt first is the person who is thinking and entertaining negative/scary thoughts.)
Next will be these two:
“You Can Heal Your Life – The Movie”
“I can do it”

Adam Kutner – Slip and Fall Accidents

There are four types of falls that are typically categorized under Las Vegas’ fall accident clauses. They include step and fall, which is when an accident occurs due to a hole or depression in a walking surface, trip and fall, which is caused when a foreign object impedes the ability to walk leading to injuries, stump and fall, which implies an object blocks a normally unobstructed pathway, or a slip and fall, which is the most common type of falling accident and occurs when the floor is greasy or wet, and there are no warning signs posted. Adam Kutner, Attorney at Law, understands the laws regarding slips and falls and knows how to obtain compensation for his clients.

Prayers and blessings to all

Today, it smells smoke near our place. I hope that the black forest wildfire here in the springs will be put off and so that there will be no other damages for those who are living in that place. I pray that everyone is safe. I know God is watching over them and everything will be fine with them. God bless everybody!

Renovation Nightmare

Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy

In retrospect, perhaps renovating our entire downstairs the month before we hosted Christmas at our house was not the best idea. My mom is the one who suggested it because she knew we were looking for ways to Save Electricity and our windowed-front paneling on the house was just sucking the electricity out when we had the heat on. Great idea, mom. Now we’re standing up to our ankles in sawdust and the bathroom is totally unusable and there are 11 people coming to stay with us starting next week. Oy vey. I don’t know how my husband talked me into going through with this and though I am really, really excited about what it’s going to look like when it’s done I am sick and tired of contractors just not showing up at all. I thought for the longest time we’d be done before the holidays but when December 1st rolled around that became a pipe dream. At this rate I’m not so sure we’re going to be finished by Easter! I really love my family and it’s going to be great to spend time with them but I’m going back and forth with myself on whether it’s totally inappropriate to ask them all to stay in a hotel if I pay for it. I just worry that between the mess and the dogs and the contractors that are bound to show up the second we sit down to open gifts I’m going to lose my mind, you know? Holidays are stressful enough without all this other junk piled on top but at the end of the day I keep reminding myself I did all this to myself and I have no one to blame but me. In the pursuit of the perfect, energy-efficient house I totally ripped up my perfectly fine kitchen and made my home into a mess. I think I should have told my mom she had to host the holidays since this was all her idea but she would never have agreed to that!

First time at Manitou and near the North Pole

It was my first time driving in going to Manitou Springs, Colorado today.  I tried to test if I it was okay for me to drive in a road that was not familiar to me.  Thanks God, my kids and I were safe.  I tried to check the North Pole if I could see it without using my GPS.  Anyway, we will be visiting and seeing Santa when I have spare savings for entrance fee.

Pay Day Loan in USA

If you have bad credit and you need money, you have probably already considered getting a pay day loan. But where can you go to apply? You can get a pay day loan in USA at This company allows you to apply either online or in person, whichever works best for you. To qualify for a pay day loan, you only need to prove that you have a job and you will also need an active bank account. The bank account is necessary so that the money can be withdrawn from your account on your next pay day as promised. Do pay day loans come with interest? They do, just like any other loan might. But the advantage of getting the cash in hand when you need it most will outweigh the interest you’ll have to pay back. It is actually possible to get the money you requested no later than the next business day after you have been approved for the loan. Your credit generally does not matter when you apply for a pay day loan, but if you have ever filed for bankruptcy, you may need to provide the company with your bankruptcy closing date so they can verify that you are not currently in bankruptcy.

Today’s Fun

I have so much fun today with my friend. I would like to say thank you to her for bringing me to that shopping center wherein I was able to shop for kitchen utensils (at bed bath and beyond for the first time). I hope we will have more time to explore the place in the coming days. Anyway, I am thankful to God for the safe and fun adventure.


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