Inspiring life of seamen

I have many friends and relatives who prefer to work as seamen. They shared that they love travelling from one country to another every time they will be working for six to nine months. Although it is a bit lonely for them being away from their family but then they find it working on board on the ships that they are assigned to be fulfilling both financially and on their eagerness to travel almost around the globe. For them, it does not matter if they will be away from their families for after their work, they can have all the time to enjoy with their families before they will work again.

I remember about them mentioning this UMT Marine products. If I remember it right, it is my uncle. He likes this brand for he said it is durable and it is quality made. That is his opinion upon sharing his work and everything that they are using in the passenger vessel. Well, so much for this thing! Hmmm, another thing that fascinates me is that when he shares about mingling with different types of people and different nationalities. According to him, there are some who are nice but there are others how are also different. However, he does not care if they are good or bad for all he cares is that he is doing his job properly.

Another person who shared his experience at sea was my former classmate in high school. He has been working as a seaman for more than 10 years now. In fact, he has lots of remembrance already. What I mean is that he bought many properties for his own family. His wife drove a car back home and his family has a good life. For him, travelling and at the same time working is always fun. At first, he misses his family but after adjusting to his work, he is always glad whenever he will be on board a luxury vessel on where he is working every year!

These are just few inspiring stories of my friends and relatives who have good life because of working as seamen.

Coach sale

Today is the start of Coach online sale again. Often, I will always receive invites from them. Nevertheless, the thing that prevented me in purchasing online is my “savings”. How I wish I am that rich! I will surely buy all the coach bags designs that I love most.

Anyway, take this chance of owning the coach bag that you love most! Visit them online as soon as possible!

Safe investment

Whenever my savings will be more than enough, I will surely invest on the four precious metals that I love the most. These metals are gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. Even just few pieces of these will do for the good future of my kids. I know that any of these precious things will surely double my money in the coming years in which it will be a good inheritance for my two kids.

Talking about platinum, what I want is few pieces of these Great Southern Coins Platinum Coins. Two or even four pieces will do in which I will divide it to the kids so that they will have few precious things for their future use. With this, I am hoping to save a lot in the coming days so that I will have enough funds to use in investing on these platinum coins. After investing on these, I will save again and I hope to buy gold coins. Gold and gold coins are the things that interest me the most. Ever since, I want to collect any forms of gold (gold jewelries, gold coins, and etcetera). The only thing that prevented me with my investments is that my finances are not enough for now.

I need to work harder and save more before thinking of spending. I know that when I will spend my hard-earned money, it will be so hard to replenish it again. There will be coming receivables but I am not sure if it can replenish the savings that I used up because mostly my incoming finances are not enough. How I wish I would win in some game of chance huh!

Anyway, going back to investing on these precious metals, I hope that I will be able to purchase any of these the soonest possible time, as I know that prices will go higher every day. I am crossing my fingers out on my plan with investing on these things. Investing on gold, silver, palladium, and platinum will surely keep safe my investments for a long time. This will be one safe investment for my family!


This is a gift from one of my good friends here in CO springs. Thanks to her for giving this pair of shoes for my baby girl. I love the style and its color. I know that my girl is thankful as well since she is always comfortable every time she will wear these shoes.

Deal dash for you

Do you know that you can find good prices at DealDash? Yes, you can. Just visit Deal Dash anytime you want to and check on all of their deals. Who knows you can find the goods and the products that you like with the price so low. At DealDash site, you do not need to worry since they said that they are having a money back guarantee, which is hassle free. So, just check this site immediately.


This saying affected me much – “Stop searching forever. Happiness is just next to you.” Often, I always wish for something better and I am wishing that I could do better. Wishing is different from doing things so I must do things instead of wishing them. That is why today, I am updating this blog of mine. I also want to update my other blogs. I hope that with the regular updates that I have I will have more offers for my sites.

Carhartt pants

It is always good to give things that would be important to the one who will receive it. When purchasing, it should be the needs that will be bought first and forget those wants. Now, one of the needed things for the working man at home is any of these carhartt b11 pants. I bet he will love this brand because it looks comfortable and made durably. Therefore, I will buy one or two pairs for him this November or December as one of his gifts.

What else will I give him? I think it will be good to buy long sleeves, new shirts, and the boots that he likes most. With this thing, I need to work hard so that I can save more. However, I need more blessings and I am hoping to receive more graces from the blogosphere so that I can save a lot for gift giving this holiday! I need to share something for my family!

Finished writing his 3 sentences in more than 3hours

I had a difficult time with the homeschooling yesterday because my first grader refused to write. He said that the three sentences that he needed to write would take him forever because there were many words. I told him that he would reach forever if he will not write it. Since he resisted, he finished writing it in more than 3 hours. Sigh!

Healthy snacks

Every day, I see to it that my kid has some healthy snacks. This is because he is a fussy eater! Even though he’s very fussy it is easy to impress him, and one of the simple foods that he loves most is popcorn. Every time I cook some popcorn, he will ask if it’s possible for me to put it in a large bowl so that he can have plenty of it while having his homeschooling break. Sometimes he eats popcorn whenever he is watching his favorite cartoon shows. He loves to have some butter on his popcorn, but since he is allergic to regular butter, I always use soy butter. I will then mix it with salt to taste. He says that popcorn is not only yummy but it is also a healthy snack compared to eating junk food.

Now, making popcorn would have been so much harder for me before, but right now, I can say that that it is so easy to pop some popcorn whenever I need to, and that is with the help of popcorn machines. I love the idea of having one at home, because it is simple to use and I can easily have some fresh healthy popcorn anytime I want to. These popcorn machines are so convenient.

For those who are curious about what popcorn machine I have, just Click here for more products. I am sure you will be amazed with what you will discover. Just like me, I am amazed with the machines and I am delighted to have one in my house. My family loves popcorn a lot and now that I have one of these machines, I can easily make it for them fresh anytime they want it. They love to have fresh popcorn and I do not blame them because when it’s fresh it’s the yummiest of all!

Surviving malonggay

This is one of my malonggay plants. Since it is already very cold outside, I put this one in the living room. I see to it that every day this plant will have few hours of sunshine during the morning (place this near the window). Everyday this keeps on growing and growing. Hope it will survive until next spring and summer. I also hope to harvest its leaves and have some yummy soup (soon).


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